Advanced Project mangement methods with Method for changing Knowledge to Wisdom for Wisdom management era /Method of DTCN/ DTC(Dsign To Cusutomers' Needs / Design To Cost) (2002 edition)Full download click here

(This book is Mother book for "Method for creating wisdom from knowledge(2009)")
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Brief lecture text pdf. at Paris in 2003 : Brief explanation text of the following methodology

Following methodology consist the methodologies of Right Column Wisdom management system
Method for changing Knowledge to Wisdom
Design to Cost
Design to Customers' Needs
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Chapter Section Contents Note
0 Cover and contents 1 Cover and contents table
2 Preface to the English Edition
3 Preface to Japanese language edition (1997)
1 Prologue (A Way of the Thinking And Recognition) 1  Introduction of DTCN/DTC methodology
2 Decision Mechanism by Information of Difference

Decision makinng and Judgment Mechanism

3 Proper Use of Questioning for Creative Thinking and Decision Making Positive thinking way
4 Way Of Thinking And Policy Of DTCN/DTC How to Create the Customer

Seven Basic Methods of DTCN

1 The PMD (Purpose-Measure Diagram) Method To Clarify the Relationships Between Purposes and Measures ( The Method Of Key Word) PMD
Purpose measure diagram, more about

PMD Method and Nodding When Trying to Understand Something

e2 PMD Method Can Be Used to Investigate Language
e3 PMD Method Can Clarify gChicken or Egg Relationships"

Method of Key Question

2 Steplist Management Method to Create A Faultless Phased Plan How to create Faultless procedure Language secqence-I-you-happy-make

3-5 Phase Improvement Method to Divide the Approach to Improve Anything From Its Present Status

4 FBS (Function Breakdown Structure) Technique to Create the Image Structure How to create thing's structure and its organization
E5 The Relationship Between PMD, Steplist, FBS, and 3-5 Phase Improvement
E6 Accumulation of Knowledge And Wisdom Relationship Between Knowledge and Wisdom
5 WBS Theme Phasing Technique to Gather Themes and Ideas From the People Concerned and Examine Them In a Timely Manner How to gather the necessary idea among people concered
Ep7 Difference Between Male and Female Ways of Thinking
Ep8 A Strange Phenomenon in Visual Recognition of Men And Women
Ep9 Difference Between Men and Women in Dextro-Rotation and Levo-Rotation
6  Root Organizing Method for Starting New Things in Existing Organizations
7 Implementation Plan Method for Materializing the Objective of the Organization
8 How the DTCN Methodology was Created, and a Comparison of the Steplist Procedure with Conventional Procedures
Examples of the Application of the Basic Method and Their Considerations 1 How to Create the Domains of Thinking and Consensus Among the People Concerned (The Details of the PMD Method and Advanced Considerations)

Avoiding Confusion Between the Terms "Problem" and "Theme Or Subject"

2 Details of the Steplist Method and Advanced Analysis Steplist example of Layered one & its detail
4 Techniques Related To The DTCN Method 1 WBS Method (Re-definition)
E11 Effects of Two Styles of WBS, Lateral Sentence-Connecting Style and Vertical Parent-Child Style, on the Balance of Contents and the Prevention of gMissing Itemsh or gFault Itemsh
2 WBS In Moebius-Strip Style to Effectively and Efficiently Allocate Design Work in the Beginning Stage Of Design(Moebius-Strip-Style WBS)
3 Evaluation and Structuring Techniques for Pre-Evaluation by Reasonable Feeling
E12 Meaning of Evaluation, and Interpretation of Evaluation Criteria
E13 Contents of the Terms, gAbduction,h gVerification,h gEvaluation,haAnd gDecision-Makingh
5 Reasonable Purchase Price and the Criteria For Its Determination 1 Steplist For a Reasonable Purchase Price
2 How To Use a Price/Cost Breakdown Table for Cost Control
3 Price Decision Standards
6 Common Matters to Proceed with "Design To Cost 1 DTC@method - General Matters
2 Minimum Knowledge to Proceed with DTC
3 Essential Conditions to Proceed with DTC
E14 Risk Management
7 Design to Cost (DTC) for Unit Production Cost 1 DTC(UPC) General Matters
2 Details of Each DTC Phase
3 Comparison of Purchase Parts And Selection by DTC Procedure
4 DTC Implementation For Lifecycle Cost Using Information Of Difference LCC design
Life cycle cost design
5 the Organization and Management for DTC Operations, Setting Up of
6 Significance of Thinking and Procedures for DTC Using DTCN Method
8 Design To Cost For Development Costs 1  General Matter for Design To Cost For Development Costs
2 Basic Matter for Design To Cost For Development Costs
3 Q&A on DTC For Development Costs
4 Cost Status Report on DTC for Development Costs
5 Unexpected Cost Classification and Management Method in Implementing DTC for Development Costs
6 Significance of DTC for Development Costs Using DTCN Technique
9 Conclusions and Future Perspectives of DTCN/DTC 1 Conclusions of DTCN/DTC methodology
2 Future Perspectives and Challenges by DTCN/DTC method

NM Method

MN method created by Masakazu Nakayama
Subsequent material for use of the DTCN/DTC methodology. 1 Framework Flow Chart for the Storage of Know-how and Cost Management in Enterprise
2 Creating Mission of Seeds, Needs and Mine or My Own Organization Creating Seeds, Needs &@its Purpose
3 Creating Customer Needs by Information Node and Concurrent Engineering Flow Chart Concurrent Engineering Mechanism
4 What is gPlan to Costh at Munufacuturing planning stage Plan To Cost
5 Method for Cost Reduction and Improvements at Manufacturing Sites
6 Effective Expeditinga method
C MIL-STD-499A Engineering Management MIL-Std-499A was obsoluted and maintained no more, but can be refered as is or added/deleted of partial section

DTCN/DTC Success Story

DTCN/DTC Success Story
E Samples of SOP & Doc. E-1
Design-to-Cost Implementation Standard, Program Plan, Implementation Plan, Formats and Samples of Instructions NASDA-STD-4 to be reviced (draft) & etc.
E Format samples E-6 Format samples
SOP, important samples SOP to start DTC work in design actiivity in beginning
F One-Page Explanation of DTCN/DTC Methodology One-Page Explanation of DTCN/DTC Methodology
G A Method for changing Knowledge to Wisdom A Method for changing Knowledge to Wisdom and a Wisdom Engine for Wisdom Management Era.
H Abduction, Verification, Evaluation and Decision-making A Procedure and Format for Thinking and Action of gAbduction, Verification, Evaluation and Decision-makingh to reveal and Past Mechanism and to crate Future Mechanism
I Integrated management method flow chart (QR/WECQDR) The self organized flow chart to create and improve goods, product , service, market with multi-screen wisdom desk (combining QFD, TRIZ and TAGUCHI method. by DTCN/DTC method)
J The relationship between QFD, VE/VA and DTCN/DTC Methodology

The method of Project Management/Accouting using Reversal Journal

L An Autonomic Thinking Method for Creative Thinking with the PMD Method

Training by making a PMD to create a PMD

Author's Biography Originator Bio a2011
DTCN/DTC one page PMD(back cover)
PR sheet PR sheet 1 PR sheet 2

01- : cover & contents r8

02-chap 1 r6 : Prologue( A way of thinking and recognition)

03-chap 2 r8 : Seven Basic method of DTCN

04-chap 3 r7 : Exsmples of application of the basic method and their considerations

05-chap 4 r5 : Spplimental method for DTCN methodology

06-chap 5 r2 : Reasonable Purchase price and the criteria for its determination (Knowledge of reasonable purchase price)

07-chap 6 r4 : Basic condition to proceed with "Design to Cost"

08-chap 7 1of2 r4 : Design to cost (DTC) for unit production cost : part 1

09-chap 7 20f2 r6 : Design to cost (DTC) for unit production cost : part2

10-chap 8 r2 : Design to cost for Development cost

11-chap 9 r2
: Conclusio and future perspective

12-Appendix A-B5 r4 : MN method, The suppllementary material for finely-tuned use of DTCN/DTC methodology

13-appendix B5-B6 : Method for cost reduction and improvement at manufacturing site

14-appendix B-7-E0 r1
: Arranging for inquiriries and reports, and the status of planning papers and the implememtation plan document and MIL-std-499A etc.

15-appendix E1-E6 r4 : Design to cost implementation standard, Program plan, implementation plan, fpormats and samples of instructions

16-appendix F r2 : One page explanation of TCN/DTC methodology

17-appendix G r8 : A method for changing Knowledge to wisdom and wisdom engine for wisdom management era

18-appendix H r6 acrobat4 : A procedure and format for thinking and action of "Abduction, verifucation, evaluation and decision making2 to reveal rational past mechanism and create future mechanisms

18-appendix H624 : A procedure and format for thinking and action of "Abduction, verifucation, evaluation and decision making2 to reveal rational past mechanism and create future mechanisms

19-appendix I R4 acrobat4 : Self organized flow chart to create and improve goods, products, service, or markets using a multi-screen wisdom desk (combining the QFD, DTCN/DTC, PMD, TRIZ and Taguchi Methdod)

19-appendix I r4 : Self organized flow chart to create and improve goods, products, service, or markets using a multi-screen wisdom desk (combining the QFD, DTCN/DTC, PMD, TRIZ and Taguchi Methdod)

20-appendix J : The relationship betweenQFD, VA/VA and dtcn/dtc methodology

21-appendix K : The method of project management accounting using reversed positionning expression format (
the contents are the same of conventional accounting method) - method to create a co-operative thinking and working place "Ba-in Japanese" among sceince/engineering and management/accounting people by tatsunori Kawai

22-appendix L r3 acrobat4 : An automatic thinking method for creative thiking with PMD method

23-appendix M acrobat4 : Training by making PMD to createPMD

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E PM method escape from chaos PR sheet

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E PM method escap chaos PRs.pdf

Lecture Text at Paris 2003 : Brief explanation text of the methodology

PR sheet English Scope of PM

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