What you can do, What was obtained by Advanced project management methodology(DTCN/DTC methodology)

Wisdom management Difference between Knowledge and wisdom
A thinking and proceedure of Design to cost FBST(Function Breakdwn Structure Technique)1982 SAVE conference
Design to Customers' Needs:DTCN Decision mechanism 1976
Method for creating Wisdom from Knowledge Problem solving by using Method for creating Wisdom from Knkowledge
Method for creating W from k-or WEB Problem solving by wisdom

Method for Creating Wisdom from Knowledge
-Wisdom Management Methodology-
-Creative Management thinking and its procedure

wisdom Management  Wisdom manegenent methodology
 Google Wisdom Management Methodology2013July  Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom
data, information, knowledge, will, wisdom, newknowlegde Realationship of data, information, knowledge,will, wisdom, new nowledge
Method for creating wisdom from knowledge book Executive summary of method for creating wisdom from knowledge book
 Function Breakdown Structure Techinique  

By using Method for changing Knowledg to Wisdom(DTCN/DTCmethdology)
What poblem was solved, what you are able to do and what result obtaind.
Note: Some of the contents above are still in Japanese language, soon are going to be translated into English
DR. Michihko Esaki (Wisdom mnagement center)
Japanese page

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0 Method for creating Wisdom from Knowledge Method for decision making for management (1977)ICPR Decision mechanism by informrtion of difference(1977) Whole Methodology of Method for changing Knowledge to Wisdom with cost control method
Biginner's Book for changing Knowledgen to Wisdom Method for creating wisdom from knowledge
New problem solving method Difference between Kowledge and Wisdom
Analysis-past analysis-future analysis
How to solve the problem
Target Design
(Cost, Performance, Customers' needs)
Design To Cost/
Design to Customers' Needs

DTC/DTCN methodlogy
Why US army adopted 2006 for utility helicopter which was developed in 1979 in Japan and West Germany Front Picture
Side picture
Picture of Contract
Applied resalt and examples Development of XT-4 jet trainer for JASDF Bigining of Entrance
Presentation at SAVE conference at Washington DC 1979
H-U Rocket History
Lifecycle design, how to
History Histrical歴史的評価
Main presentation and its evaluation 詳細は左記をクリック
1A Advanced Project Mnagement Methodology Whole methodology (Japanese)
Whole Methodology(English)
Full Text of integlated methodology(143 page) DVD or Blue ray Disc of recture QR/WECQDR
DTC for UPC and
lifecycle cost, how to procede
Design to cost for XT-4 defense jet trainer aircraft successful development
DTC for development cost,
how to procede
Refer page 377 of Advanced Project management methodology book
Market creation, how to procede Begining EMS(Emergency medical helicopter)
in Japan
Click here for detail
Emergency rescuewhich can be realized Pramedic, Birth of
Concept documment, creation of Concept creation of desaster medical resaearch center of defense medical college Medical resaeachicenter of defenxse force medical college 構想書から予算の都合で、放射線災害研究部門が外された
Method for changin Knowledge to Wisdom Method for changing Knowledge to Wisdom
And Wisdom Engine, theory of
3A consensus,how to create Consensus, how to create
 Wisdom accounting method wisdom accounting method Briefied explanation Creative Coordination accounting tool amaong Engineer and clerical worker Originated as doctorial dessertation of DR. T. Kawai
To esacape out from chaos General Black box of soft ware bissines creation with customer
Development of soft ware To create same consensus or same direction of will or direction of will 営業活動ののブラックボックスの解消
3-5 improvement metho
To have the same consennsus, and same direction of value and willing
Creaive Edcation, method of Porposal to Ministory of Education Proposal and opinion for foundamental education plan pasivating plan law of ministory of education 2006-11-4 文部科学省生涯学習政策局政策課政策審議第一係 宛
教育再生会議への提案 06−11ー04提出
Method for Administration reformation of gpvernment Thinkinng rule and procedure to reform government process was send to each office of government Entranse of sending the proposal
mechanism to prevent bid rigging in government procurement, proposal of
method to prevent padded price for government 防衛庁に20倍の水増し請求事案
suceeding method of Know-how of senior people before die Format and its method
How to create and have consennsus Method of domain of consensus Sending record Entrance of proposal
What is evaluation
In order to evaluate something, what is neccessary to do
What is the enough to evaluate somthing(Brief report) Original paper (Society of Japan creativity
10 Project management methodolgy deployment One page explanation the relation ship between Project management and Sysstem engineering

Relation ship between PM and SE by three page explanation
How to make WBS effectively(
(This is the enough explanation )
6 peges explanation
It is the big problem not enough explanation in PMBOK, how to make or create meaningful and effectively WBS to proceed the project management and syzytem enjineering.
Advanced project Management:DTCN/DTC methodology solves this problem
This explanation is the world first time explanation by DR.Esaki
10A Art of procurement management To overcome the poor instruction for procurement in PMBOK Basic agreement document to purchase (Japanese style)
This is the key to procecute the fine art of negotation and procurement
Format for Price and cost table
11 How to make WBS There had not been well defind explanation how to make WBS Redefinition of WBS
under translation
11A System Engineering ,methodology deployment Relation ship Btween Project management and Systems enjineering method
11B Life cycle design Use WBS phasing theme technique
11C Life cycle cost design Use life cycle cost design by information of difference
12 Method to clear the relation ship and their meaning between the vague word or very similar words between the problem and theme/subject and their relation ship (Brief edition)
Original paper(at Japan creativity society)
Proper Questioning for creative thinking and fair decision making Method how to think and pursuade the people to materialize the unprecedent matter or unexampled matter
13 従来、「科学の因果関係を調べる方法」と「マネージメントのための手順を創りだす方法」の間で少しあいまいであった言葉の関係を明らかにしたこと Relation ship betwenn the meaning of to Verify and Validate 詳細は何ををしさえすれば評価をしたことになるかの論文に含まれている
Relation of "Abduction, deduction, inductin relationship to find the principle of nature"and ",Abduction, induction, deduction relationship to find future mechanism plrinciple"
14 To answer the not solved conventional question Clear relationship between Systems Engineering and Project management Brief explanation
Relation ship between statement of WorkとScope inPMBOK
What is true meaning of charter in PMBOK
What, ,what procedure and how must be done to realize the mission by mission integlation of system
16 Tp answer the question about relation ship amaong the vague relation ship of the words Relationship Between problem and theme/subject
Relationship Between Efficiet and Effectiveness
Relationship between purpose and aim/goal/target/object
Relationship table between Decision making,Decision of will, and Evaluation standard Decision makingとDecision of will との関係 Decision making とはプロセスを表す言葉である 世界で始めての説明と思っている
Eplanation of Value
Relation ship betwenn word of intent and mean
Relationship between male style thinking and female style thinking
The existence of clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation between male barain and female brain
17 What and how should be, the process of thinking and procedure of government aquisition and prpcurement General 1.2005-3-15(英語)

Proposal for import item Proposal to reduce the people of governmant by reforming the procurement thinking and mechanisom and prosses
Domestic procurment and sub contracter job
18 Record of Hypothetical entity recovery Clomatic scale is the switch tochange left side barain to right side brain