Method for creating Wisdom from Knowledge 2009 edition

Problem solving method
by using Method for creating Wisdom from Knowledge

Advanced method for analysis

How to create Wisdom + How to solve problem by Wisdom

Abduction, deduction, induction and secound deduction deploy
(Still in Japanese, English version in preparing)

for the society use

01 Method for creating Wisdom from Knowledge 2009 edition This is the first book in the world, clearing how to create Wisdom from Knowledge and also useful to solving problem by Wisdom
0 Relationship between problem and task
1 Proper questioning of "inorder to" and "why"
2 PMD(Purpose measure diagram) method
2A Way of thinking and plicy of DTCN/DTC
3 Steplist method to create the procedure
4 Function Breakdown Structure to create optimized structure
5 Root organaizing Method to ennable abduction, deduction, induction, and socound deduction approach.
6 Impeimentation method to proceed project most properly
7 3-5 improvement method
8 WBS phasing theme technique
9 Mechanism of decision making and judgement for action
10 Relationship between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom
11 Relatiomship between offer and acceptance