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Appendix G
A Method for changing Knowledge to Wisdom and a Wisdom Engine for Wisdom Management Era.
Appendix H
A Procedure and Format for Thinking and Action of gAbduction, Verification, Evaluation and Decision-makingh to reveal and Past Mechanism and to crate Future Mechanism
Appendix I

The self organized flow chart to create and improve goods, product , service, market with multi-screen wisdom desk (combining QFD, TRIZ and TAGUCHI method. by DTCN/DTC method)

Appendix J
The relationship between QFD, VE/VA and DTCN/DTC Methodology
Appendix K The Method of Project Management/Accounting Using Reversed Journal Position Format
- The Method to Create a Co-operative Thinking and Working Place Among Science/Engineering and Management/Accounting People -
Appendix L
An Autonomic Thinking Method for Creative Thinking with the PMD Method
Appendix M
Training by making a PMD to create a PMD